Registration Policy:


A player will be considered registered with the PRAIRIE FIRE Football Club when the following has been fulfilled:

•Registration fees have been paid to the Club in full.

•Player has provided a copy of birth certificate or passport that verifies the player’s age and date of birth along with registration fees;

•A signed liability waiver by the player’s parent/guardian;

•Each parent / guardian must sign off that they have read, understand and agree to abide by the rules, regulations and policies of the PRAIRIE FIRE Football Club;

•An undated equipment bond cheque in the amount of $300.00 has been submitted to the PRAIRIE FIRE Football Club.

​•An undated Volunteering bond cheque in the amount of $50.00 to be returned after parent volunteering has been complete.  

A player is not permitted to participate in any activities of the PRAIRIE FIRE Football Club until the above conditions of registration have been met. It is the sole responsibility of the player/parent to supply the above information to the Club at time of registration.The PRAIRIE FIRE Football Club does NOT accept instalment payments for registration fees.




Team fees will be set each year.- Team fees must be paid in full before a player is added to the roster.- A team meeting will be held immediately following the selection of the team at which time all players must submit all required team fees.- NSF cheques will be assessed a $45.00 administration fee.- A player will not be permitted to participate in any PRAIRIE FIRE team activity until team fees are paid in full.- An undated equipment bond cheque in the amount of $300 will be collected from each player and returned at the conclusion of the season after all equipment has been returned to the team.


The PRAIRIE FIRE does NOT subsidize player fees.  Each player/family is responsible for their fees.  If you require financial assistance we can assist you in contacting third party organizations that may be able to provide financial assistance.


NSF Cheques:


In the event that the PRAIRIE FIRE receives an NSF cheque, that player will not be considered registered and will be unable to participate in any activities of the Prairie Fire until such fees are paid in full.In addition, the PRAIRIE FIRE will apply a $45.00 NSF surcharge to the registration fee for that player. The registration amount plus the NSF surcharge must be paid to the Prairie Fire before the player is allowed to participate in any activity of the Club.


​Payment of the full registration fee plus NSF surcharge must be made by way of cash, certified cheque or money order. Payment by cheque will not be accepted.




- No refunds will be issued for Evaluation Camp fees.

- No refunds will be issued for registration fees or other team fees.