In the Players own words, what playing for the FIRE has meant to them.

Player Testimonies

Scott, Red Deer: By playing with the Fire in the Calgary Midget league I was put up against some of the best players in the province and it challenged me to adjust to their speed of their game. It definitely made me a better player and helped me measure myself against the best. The Fire coacing staff was great and they did everything they could to help me get better and put me in a position to succeed.


Bryce, Red Deer: Playing for the Fire to me meant showing all of Alberta what type of talent the Central Alberta league has to offer. The Fire pushed my physical ablility and made me a better athlete. The Fire program is the best way to not only improve your football ability but also get your name out to some of the best post-secondary education programs. The Fire made me a much better football player without a doubt.


Dylan, Lacombe: Playing for Prairie Fire was a great opportunity for me! It's amazing how much my skill and intensity progressed as I played at a higher level of football. I've made long lasting friendships while playing for the Prairie Fire Football Club. I wish this team would have started 2 years earlier so I could play the full 3 years with Prairie Fire and grow even more as a football player and an individual.


Cole, Ponoka: In my first and final season with the Prairie Fire program I experienced football like no other team or season had shown me. The talent in the players was substantially higher than you would find on an ordinary highschool team. Being a DB I was matched up against the best recievers in Central Alberta on a day to day basis, and through that recievers in Southern Alberta as well. With the chance to play against some of the highest level athletes in the province not only did I grow physically faster and stronger; my knowledge of the game and my football sense hightened astronomically.

The first of practice we came in as a team and Coach Hall told us flat out, he was not there to make friends. He was there to build a winning team. The coaching staff behind him brought unexhaustedable sources of knowledge and skill. I'm a better player and person because of this team. I became so close with the team and coaches and in future years to come if I come upon a player or coach I will go out of my way to say hello.

Up to this point in my life I haven't had an experience that has greatly impacted and taught me as much as Prairie Fire.


Adam, Lacombe: Playing Prairie Fire was my funnest seasons of football, it really challenged me and made me a better football player. The Calgary league we play in is very fast and helps shorten the gap between highschool and college/university ball. It's a good way to connect and get to know other players in our Central Alberta league. You get very good filming done as well which can help you get looked at if you plan on playing past high school. All in all, very fun program and the best team i've ever played with.

Tyler, Sylvan Lake: The opportunity of playing for the Midget Prairie Fire Football was amazing! It enhanced my physical strength and endurance immensely. You were given the opportunity to play with other great athletes and gained friendships. The coaching staff was excellent and they not only taught football skills-they pushed you to excel to a higher playing level. Believe me, there is alot of talent in Alberta. Prairie Fire presented me with other opportunities such as meeting other coaches from across Alberta, and even future college prospects. Life skills such as proper etiquette-on and off the field. Confidence building, being accountable for yourself, and being a Team Player!! Finally, if you are dedicated, hard-working and committed I would highly recommend this program to any athlete looking to push themselves to the next level of playing football and having alot of fun doing so!

Tyson, Buck Lake: Prairie Fire meant a whole new kind of football experience for me coming from a school that only had a 6-man football team and I am so grateful that I played. It really was a high caliber of football and the coaching and players were awesome. It really helped me become a better football player in so many different ways. I'm so glad i played it was something I will always remember.

Joe, Red Deer: The FIRE program offered a higher level of competition than a player gets in high school football.  Playing against the best athletes in the province really improved my football skills and my ability to compete at an elite level.  Playing with the FIRE for two seasons allowed to me to improve at a faster rate than other players because of the year round playing and the tips I received from the FIRE coaches.  The PRAIRIE FIRE helped me reach my goal of playing for the Under 18 Team Alberta in 2013 in Moncton, NB.  The exposure that the FIRE gave me to CIS and CJFL teams was amazing. That exposure helped me get a football scholarship to the University of Alberta where I will be playing with the Golden Bears in 2014. 

Colby, Red Deer: Prairie fire was an amazing experience for me. This team helped me with my strength, speed, cardio, and understanding for the game. My skills have been improved greatly by the awesome coaching staff, and all the other players were great to play with, and we all built strong relationships with each other while on this team. This was a great team to play for and I recommend all football players to come tryout for the team.

Tanner, Red Deer: To me Prairie Fire was the best learning experience. Over the course of the season I improved my athletic abilities substantially and also gained knowledge on being a better team player, as well as a knowledge of the game at a higher level, I highly recommend this program to those dedicated to the sport because of the great improvements it has to offer.

Jacobi, Ponoka: The Prairie Fire Football Club was an amazing experience I learned and gained a good set of skills throughout the season. I had some of the best coaches that can teach you the basics to succeed. My teammates were friendly and fun to be around. The prairie fire club made me a better person and a better football player that I am today. I would recommend this football club to anyone who loves the game of football and wants to succeed.

Matt, Red Deer: Playing for Prairie Fire has provided me with a tremendous experience, being able to play with the best players in central Alberta, taught by the best coaches and play against some of the best athletes in Alberta. It has given me the opportunity to improve my athletic skills for the last two years as well as learning skills to apply to the real world. The privilege of playing for this team has allowed me to grow as a person and provided me the means to be successful and confident long after high school.




Ashton, Red Deer: During my time with the Prairie Fire Football Club I was not only playing against the top players in the province, but I also received excellent coaching from coaches all over Central Alberta. I played with the club for two seasons and I learned a tremendous amount about commitment, dedication, teamwork and having fun. Playing in the Calgary Midget Football League was definitely a challenge, but it was also one of the best football experiences that I have had in my life. It was a great experience for me because I wanted to compete against the best that there was and playing with the Prairie Fire allowed me to do that. Playing against the best forced me to improve on my athletic skills to make me a better player for my team. Playing with the Prairie Fire also connected the teams of Central Alberta. New friendships were made with people that you thought you could never be friends with. Having friends from all over the league also made the fall season a little more exciting because every week felt like a rival week. It felt like a rival week because you wanted to beat your friends that you made during the Fire season. If you are looking for a great football experience where you want to learn and became a better player then the Prairie Fire Football Club is for you.

DJ, Olds:  It is a team that represents what it means to be an elite athlete. Something that fills the inner desire to succeed and be the best. Respect is earned with sweat and determination. Loyalty is reciprocated by all its members. It is a body of leadership that administers a lethal combination of skills to scorch an opponent and leave behind a wake of smoldering ash. An association that holds the highest standard for what it means to be a man. Motivation and mentorship that galvanize the individual. Take away a conglomeration of attributes from being honest and kind to relentless and unbreakable. Being part of a band of brothers that battle with all their heart. Forming bonds that will stand the test of time. Then in the end after all has been won or lost, unforgettable memories made, and goodbyes said. The individual will emerge changed, warmed by an inner flame that will stay with them forever. For me, this is what it meant to be a part of the Prairie Fire.



Cody, Red Deer: The Prairie Fire is for any football player wishing to take their game to the next level. I truly believe that the Calgary midget football league gives young athletes in central Alberta a once in a lifetime chance to compete with some of the best football players in Canada. You will not find a more well fitted crew of coaches who are willing to commit countless hours of time, and possess a university level playbook on both sides of the ball. The Fire is only for the most dedicated and hard working football players. Nothing ever comes easy and the Fire will make you work for everything, but the outcomes are substantial. Play Fire Football!!!