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​​4. Player Development: Our program and our coaching staff are committed to making every athlete a better football player. Our coaching staff will invest in each and every player, working with them to develop their football knowledge and skills. If you want to become a better football player, the PRAIRIE FIRE will get you there.

5. Competition: The Calgary midget league is the most competitive league in the province. We believe that you have to play strong competition in order to improve as a player. If you want the challenge of playing against the best midget age teams in the province, the PRAIRIE FIRE is for you.

6. Post-Secondary Opportunities: We will use our network of contacts in the CIS, CJFL and recruiters to promote our players and open doors to post-secondary opportunities. The PRAIRIE FIRE program will be a springboard for an increased number of central Alberta football players to play post-secondary football and enjoy the benefit of academic and athletic scholarships to post-secondary football programs.


Want to get better??
The PRAIRIE FIRE will give you the Edge!​​

​The PRAIRIE FIRE will give you a competitive advantage to get you where you want  to go.

Our coaching staff has many years of combined football post-secondary playing experience as well as decades of combined coaching experience. Our program, our coaches, and our competition will make you better. Period.

The PRAIRIE FIRE offers all kinds of advantages and opportunities for our players. Read on to find out more.....​

Why Play for the PRAIRIE FIRE?
1. Personal Development: PRAIRIE FIRE coaching staff and management believe that our first and greatest
responsibility is to provide the leadership, guidance and positive environment needed to promote the personal growth and maturity of each student athlete. Our goal is to put each athlete on a path to success, both on and off the football field.

2. Academics: We will encourage each player to be committed to their academics. Part of our eligibility requirements (see below) are based on academic standing.​

3. Schedule: Our schedule provides the following benefits to our players and their families:
    a) We will have 2 home games played at the ME Global Athletic Park in Lacombe for the 2015 season.
     b) All of our away games (regular season) will be played in Calgary at Shouldice Park (awesome facility) Friday evening or Saturday.

Our schedule allows our players to focus on academics during the week by avoiding late night mid-week games.

7. Player Exposure: The Calgary & Area Midget Football League is the most heavily scouted league in the province. Why?   First, midget football is played in the spring when CIS & CJFL teams are in their off-season. CIS & CJFL coaches use their time off to scout Calgary midget football players. Second, the Calgary Midget League boasts a high concentration of quality athletes. Therefore midget games are an efficient method of scouting numerous players in one game rather than a coach or scout making numerous trips in the fall to scout the same amount of players. Coaches from various CIS & CJFL programs from all over Canada attend Calgary and Area Midget Football League games. Third, the on-line game film service that the Calgary midget league provides allows coaches to scout players and watch game film from their own office no matter where the coach may be located geographically. For these reasons and more the Calgary & Area Midget Football League provides more exposure than any other midget or high school league in the province.
9. Professionalism: The PRAIRIE FIRE Football Club is committed to operating our program with integrity. At all levels of our organization we will stress the importance of respect, self-discipline and teamwork.

10. Positive Experience: Part of our overall goal is to ensure that every Prairie Fire athlete has a positive midget football experience. We will accomplish this by creating an environment based on respect, positive re-inforcement & guidance, clearly defined expectations, open communication and team work.

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